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Better than peanut butter and jelly, even Bert and Ernie, is the ultimate duo, wine and cheese. Best not to over-complicate it, but there are a few rules to keep in mind when choosing the right pairing. What better way to learn than experience? Taste 9 wines perfectly selected to accompany 9 different cheeses and read how to pair them with cheesy dishes as well.

Includes 5 red, 4 white wines. 100 ml each.

Cheese not included. But our Guide to Pairing Wine & Cheese is! And it has all of the suggestions you need.

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Brie, Chèvre, Parmesan, Aged Cheddar, Gouda, Manchego, Taleggio, Fondue, and Nachos.

Wine, meet cheese

A pairing as classic as they come. Learn which styles of wine and cheese pair best from Tempranillo and Manchego to Cabernet Sauvignon and Cheddar.

Cheese, meet food

How about a red wine that's phenomenal with nachos or chili cheese fries? It's not just about cheese plates, cheesy dishes allow for creative pairings.

Sharp to mild, bold to light

And we're not just talking about the cheese! These 9 glasses of wine range from bold to light and red to white. Taste classics wines, as well as a few surprises.


A Peak at What's Inside

Add the fruitiness of a bold Nero d'Avola to the creaminess of Muenster cheese. Take that Chardonnay from Chablis and mix it with a white cheese pizza (seafood optional). Ever hear of nacho wine? That's our other name for Rioja whose earthy notes bring out the flavors of the meat or non-meat topping on those nachos.

Insider Tip
It's not that pairing all French wine with Brie and all Spanish wine with Manchego is wrong. It's just that it can be so much better, and we want to help with this box.

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Let's Talk Details

What's included in this box?

This box includes 9 hand-selected wines (5 red, 4 white), by the glass, along with a guide to pairing the wines with different cheeses and cheesy dishes. No cheese is included.

How do I know if I will like the wines?

Wine is all about discovery. In order to figure out what you like, we recommend trying as many different wines as possible, which is exactly what our 100 ml glass is for. Think of it as a way to test drive wines before committing to buying them. And this time, we're suggesting you do it with cheese :)

When will my order ship?

Your order will ship within 2 business days, and take 1-5 business days in transit. You will receive a shipment notification email as soon as the order is en route.

Customer Reviews

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Fun gift, even for an experienced wine lover!

My husband has been a oenophile for 30 years. He is not the least bit snobby, he simply loves and knows A LOT about wine and wine making. I struggle to find him "wine gifts" that will be unique...he's tried them all. But this was a novel way to experience the wines. (I bought two boxes to have them together). We've been enjoying a wine each evening to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, which traditionally start on Dec. 25th. There was one grape he had not yet tasted! --the Inzolia from sicily. I wish we had info on the Semillant; we could not find the blend of grapes online and we enjoyed it. And the d'Escausses Vigne Galante is a nice alternative to Sauternes. Other wines were familiar but fun.

Virtual Holiday Party Hit

I purchased several boxes for my remote employees for our Virtual Holiday Party where we celebrated with a virtual wine tasting. These boxes and format really overcame the uncomfortableness of a virtual holiday party by providing us the same delicious wines to sip on and discuss. Our employees LOVED the boxes... the presentation is beautiful, and the wines were delicious. Far exceeded my expectations!

Tasting fun

We have enjoyed our wines, some more than others . This was meant for Christmas but didn't make it in time. It came for New Year’s which was even more perfect !

Perfect Gift - great response from my team - unique and delicious

Had never used Vinebox before and decided to give them a try for my annual end of year gift for my work team. Always risky. The process was easy and the response from my team was 100% outstanding. A fun tasting of wines from across the world that could be shared. The presentation of the box and wines tubes itself was first class. It includes a booklet on the wine background and food pairings which added something extra. The 9 tasting box is great! Customer service was outstanding and delivery was fast & efficient. Will definitely use them again. One wish - each tasting could be slightly larger to represent one full glass of wine. I'd pay a little extra for that. Also, make the message to the receiver a little larger as it could be overlooked. And add a link on where to buy a full bottle if you really like something that you taste. Cheers!

Nice Idea

So far the wines are just OK. The amount in each vial is smaller than we thought it would be, but it’s a fun idea.