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This striking bottle design and size is perfect for sampling and discovering your next favorite wine varietal, but doesn't compromise the actual wine quality.


A Wintry Mix

No rain, sleet or snow in this box, just warm hearty reds that pair perfectly with oversized scarves and weighty whites to refresh you after a brisk sprint to the store. Snuggle up to familiar favorites from Bordeaux and Rioja while entertaining the season’s hottest new wines like a textural Garnaxta Blanca from Spain and Italy’s darling red grape Dolcetto.

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New Styles from Spain

Classic Tempranillo gets a modern remix with just a little oak aging. Also, taste a Garnaxta Blanca from Spanish hot zone Terra Alta that’s like nothing you’ve ever had before.

Sicily’s Most Important Grape

Nero d’Avola translates to Black of Avola, a town in southeast Sicily. Taste one of our favorites from 5th generation winemakers at Fuedo Solaria.

A Special Semi-Sweet Treat

Leave it to Gaillac winemakers pushing the envelope to bring us a fluffy, lemon-chiffon laced white wine that is airy, light on its feet, and the perfect treat this season.


Dolcetto, Italy’s “Little Sweet One”

Dolcetto may translate to little sweet one in Italian, but the wines are far from sweet. The small, dark purple berries produce wines with big dark fruits, low acid and moderate tannins. In other words, highly drinkable with just enough nuance to satisfy the pros. Taste not just any Dolcetto, but one from famed Barolo producers Abrigo Giovanni - made with the same love and care as their top Barolo cuvées.

Tastes like wild cherries, sweet violets, and creamy berries.

Perfect with Aunt Sue’s cheeseball, crunching leaves underfoot, and Mariah Carey.

Let's Talk Details

What's included in this box?

The Wintry Mix includes 9 hand-selected wines (7 red, 2 white), by the glass. We obsessively curated theses wines from France, Spain, and Italy for the winter season. Each 10 cl pour is perfectly preserved as if directly from the vineyard.

How does it work?

We source the 9 best wines of the season and bring them directly to you. These wines are only available through the Club. When you join, you receive free shipping, first access to new releases, and quarterly credits for full-size bottles - when you find a favorite!

Can you help me?

Absolutely, we are here to help (and help you drink wine). Should you have any questions at all, just email us at Your happiness is guaranteed, and this is all about the wine and the experience.

Customer Reviews

Based on 370 reviews

This was excellent wine and so much fun with our wine tasting


Every wine was excellent!!! Can’t wait for Soring season

Just the right amount

I have enjoyed every one of the selections that I have tried. It is just the right amount for an after dinner glass of wine. I have been very pleased.


Great taste love it

So good!

Really enjoyed this box! There was only 2 whites, wish it was more even especially for a mixed box.