Mission Statement

We believe that everyone can drink great wine, one glass at a time.

You won’t find anything mass produced here. We are about the little guys, the stories behind the wine, the towns and the terroirs. After all, that’s what makes good wine great. It’s the details, the passion, and the people. We combine our old-world access with our patented fractioning technology to bring the experience to you, our member. Life is too short to drink bad wine. We’re here to help.

Wine should always have a sense of place, and sensible people should always have a place for wine. We source wines that you won't find at the corner store (not even your fancy wine shop) whether that be a funky, fresh and fun ramato style Pinot Gris from Slovenia or a true to form classic Bordeaux from the banks of the Gironde River.

Tyler Kennedy
Sommelier at Vinebox


It’s not as easy as you might think, bringing this quality of wine to a smaller package. We use a closed-nitrogen environment to prevent the wines from ever coming in contact with oxygen. The use of inert gas allows the wines to maintain their complete bouquet, flavor profile and mouthfeel throughout the fractionation process. Once the wine settles in its new home, it’s stable with no flaws, for up to three years. Even with this longevity, we suggest you drink them before that, because they’re just that good.

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