All About That Oak: How Different Types of Wooden Barrels Affect Your Flavors

article cover photo You know how different grapes, terroir, and aging processes affect the flavor of the wine in your glass. But do you know what’s up with all those gorgeous oak barrels that hang out in classy wineries? From French oak to American, barrels to chips, the wood that touches your wine imparts a ton of character before that luscious liquid touches your lips.

What Exactly is “Terroir”? And Why Does it Matter?

article cover photo Have you ever taken a sip of wine and felt as though there was a mineral, almost gritty element to it - despite the fact that it was pure liquid with no sediment? terroir. Have you ever sipped one Merlot and found it smooth and refreshing while another Merlot has come across as acidic and robust? terroir. Let’s dive into this commonly used, but often misunderstood word in the wine world: terroir.

Wine Classifications: First Growth, Premier Cru, and Others You Need to Know

article cover photo Some of the best wines from around the world – like those pouring out of France, Italy, and Germany – have some pretty bizarre phrases plastered across their labels. As you up-level your sophisticated palate, you’ll need to up-level your wine lingo, too. Knowing how to translate these wine terms for your fellow drinkers means you can explain exactly why that expensive wine carries the price tag it does.

Why You Should Be Drinking Organic Wine

article cover photo Everyone is turning to organic products these days: produce, meat, and even tampons. But what does this mean for wine? And is organic wine better for you? We break down the facts on organic wine.

Wine & Weather: A Marriage Made in Heaven...Or Hell

article cover photo It’s the first thing that comes to mind when we need to make small talk. It can make or break your day. And it can do wonders (or cause woes) for your favorite adult beverage. Weather. The next time you’re pondering global warming, climate shifts, and melting polar ice caps, think about those little grapes that are soaking in the sunshine and praying for rain. Here’s how it works.

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