Wine + Chocolate

Wine + Chocolate

An Exclusive Wine + Chocolate Pairing

A limited-time collaboration between VINEBOX and Ritual Chocolate. Two signature VINEBOXs + two single-origin small-batch bars = Date Night Success.

 Shipping Included. 




Why mess with perfection? We’ve selected 3 red wines with the confectionary complexities to pair perfectly with chocolate. Then, multiplied each x2 so that you can share with your honey. Whatever your FB status, it’s the perfect gift or date night with 6 glasses of wine and 2 bars of chocolate.







Exceptional Chocolate, a new ritual

Ritual Chocolate handcrafts small batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European methods with a modern American style at their factory in Park City, Utah. Each bar is an authentic expression of the flavor unique to its origin. Their Madagascar and Belize dark chocolates are the perfect additions to the ultimate wine and chocolate pairing.






We won’t leave you hanging and we always text back. Hell, we even made a card for you. Each wine comes with pairing information for chocolate, music, venue and other foods. Discover how to pair black cherries, orange peel and fresh cut iris aromas in one VB wine with the raspberry and creamy peanut notes of a 75% cacao Ritual chocolate.

Wine + Chocolate

Okay, here's the skinny.


WINE: 2x VINEBOXs totaling 6 glasses

CHOCOLATE: 2x Ritual small batch chocolates

TASTING: Notes and descriptions provided

BONUS: Custom Word Blanks card

SHIPPING: as always, shipping is included

ROMANCE: not guaranteed, but highly probable


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