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White Spectrum - $79

Enjoy a spectrum of white wines, ranging from big and rich to light and crisp from the mountains of Spain and coasts of Italy. Serve chilled and pair with a selection of meats and cheeses for your next Happy Hour.

Highlights include white peach aromas with green tea and fennel notes in the bouquet as well. The palate carries these zippy flavors that are crisp. Featuring juicy nectarine and other stone fruits.

Includes 6 white wines. 100 ml each.

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"Vinebox is here to answer the call of single-glass drinkers everywhere. The service sends along the season’s best wines, from recent vintage cellar releases to current wines that are on-trend, in convenient single-glass servings."

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Ombre Fraiche

Gaillac has been making wine for well over 2,000 years. Originally one of the growing regions of the Gaul along with Hermitage and Cote-Rotie, the grapes here were imported by Phoenicians during the 4th century BC.

This light and tart French white carries green guava and sour apple candy aromas with tons of white peach flavors and a creamy yet crisp finish. A blend of local grapes Muscadelle, Loin de l’œil and Sauvignon. The wine is a perfect organic refresher.

Perfect with a seafood boil, fresh strawberries, and fresh local grilled fish.