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A collection of staff favorites and most talked about wines, the ones we tend to remember and compare future wines against. A box of not only our personal faves, but yours as well - from our cellar to your door.

This collection ticks all of the boxes - silky French reds, crisp Italian whites, bold Spanish blends and oak-aged gems from across Europe. Re-taste or re-familiarize yourself with hit wines you may have missed and special treats before they’re gone for good! Highlights include an organic red from the Navarra region of Spain and one of our most popular whites ever, the unusually named “Est!Est!!Est!!!” from the hills of Piedmont near Montferrat.

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VINEBOX sends along nine of the season’s best wines — from recent vintage cellar releases to current wines that are on-trend — in convenient single-glass servings.

Member Favorites

You requested more and we heard you! Organic reds, crisp whites, and as many of your requests as we could fit!

Reds and Whites

Velvety blackberry-vanilla laced blends alongside jasmine and quince scented whites. The best of both worlds.

Last Call for Popular Wines

Enjoy a final taste of your favorite wines and vintages before harvest and drink peaking vintages before their golden hour disappears!

The Scoop

A Peek at What’s Inside

As the world continues to slow down a little bit we thought it nice to look back on comforting familiar wines that we know bring us joy and happiness. Pulling these wines from our stashes to share with you one last time is a chance for us to show off a little whilst reminding us of the flavors we’ve come to know and love.

This box has one of our favorite blends, a Grenache/Syrah mix from France, and made by certified sustainable farmers Château du Donjon. Garnet color, violet hues, full bodied yet easy to drink.

Enjoy these glasses of wine and the history and deliciousness of them one last time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1441 reviews
Beth Escobar
Amazing wines and amazing customer service. A twofer!!!

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed VINEBOX for myself as well as for gifting to others! The curated wine selections have been greatly appreciated and enjoyed. This ain't your mother's ripple! I sent a Valentine's selection as a gift (and the box arrived clearly damaged and leaking), and customer service was on it immediately and made good on the gift. It should arrive before Valentine's Day. How cool is that??? Wishing VINEBOX continued success! I just placed another order. BAM!

Poor Customer Service

I’ve had Vinebox for a couple of years now, and always really loved their wine selection and format. However, in the last 2-3 months their customer service has declined significantly. I had difficulty getting a response to my question in November, and in January despite 4 emails over the span of 3 weeks I have received no response or acknowledgement. I think all potential customers should give this some serious consideration before ordering from the company.

Laurie Rentzeperis
Excellent Advent Calendar

Fantastic product! My husband and I are enjoying the wine selections

Karlie Friedman

Gave this as a gift and my friend absolutely loves it!

Beautiful gift !

Gave this to good friends of ours. They loved it - beautiful packaging. Enjoyed the fabulous wines.