Peaks and valley box with red/white and rosé vials Peaks and valley box with red/white and rosé vials


Tour of Europe - $99

Soak up the last rays of sun and the warm breezes blowing through the European vineyards. Follow the flight of the winds as they take you through beautiful countrysides in France, Italy and Spain. These 9 wines are hand-selected to pair with blossoming trees and cheerful nights.

Highlights include a gamay that was sustainably handpicked, a delicious white that pairs with sushi, and a series of wines made from individual grapes that are almost always blended together.

Includes 9 wines. 100 ml each.


Dumas Alchimie

Dark forest berry flavors are accented by sweet pipe tobacco scents and subtle peony and violet aromas. Barrel aging adds a sprinkle of vanilla and toasty, smoky flavors on top of the brambley berry flavors making for an almost berry-pie like flavor profile!

Every year Pierre Andre takes his favorite cuvée of Brouilly and ages it in barrels a la the Burgundians. This unique approach to gamay shows how it can be serious and just how much it deserves a spot at the table when it comes to important French red wine grapes.

Perfect with Aged cheeses, fancy steak, crusty bread with nice balsamic

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Vinebox is here to answer the call of single-glass drinkers everywhere. The service sends along nine of the season’s best wines, from recent vintage cellar releases to current wines that are on-trend, in convenient single-glass servings.

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