The New Winter Wines White


Classic cold weather pairings with a twist.

Hip new winemakers swapping classical music for Drake in the cellar while harvesting vines planted 100+ years ago. Plus Chianti, Malbec and Bordeaux by the fireplace.

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History in a Glass

Taste wines 100 years in the making. 6th generation estate owners. “Recipes” invented by Barons in the middle of the 19th century. Paleozoic era soils. 100+ year old vines. In short, history in a glass.

Seasonal Pairings

Rich and spicy reds to warm you after the cold. Whites with a little added “winter weight.” And dinner options from Grenache with turkey to Chardonnay with latkes (applesauce or sour cream approved).

The Spice of Life

Winter doesn't always mean big, spicy reds by the fireplace. Try a light bodied Beaujolais with spicy food and let the food do the warming, or drink a glass of Cab Franc just because. Roast chicken optional.

The Wine To Watch

Illegal Wines

A new trend with this generation's winemakers, yet still an extremely rare exception to the rigid rules of French winemaking. Aptly named The Dissenters, taste two declassified single-varietal wines from an area in which wine had to historically be blended.

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What’s included?

Within this Winter Edition Box, you will receive 9 of our favorite wines this season (7 red, 2 white), by the glass, including Italian fave Chianti, new French “declassified” wines and more. Each 10 cl pour is perfectly preserved as if directly from the vineyard.

How does it work?

We source the 9 best wines of the season and bring them direct to you. You can either purchase the current edition or subscribe to save $$, have first access to next quarter’s wines, and receive a credit for full-size bottle orders - when you find a favorite.

Can you help me?

Absolutely, we are here to help (and drink wine). Should you have any questions at all, just email us at Moreover, your happiness is guaranteed, and this is all about the experience.