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The Art of the Toast- 6 Pack Collection

The Art of the Toast- 6 Pack Collection

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Discover the Art of the Toast while enjoying these hand-selected European wines. This tasting experience includes 3 exquisite reds and 3 refreshing whites, toasting Do's and Don'ts, toasting history and culture, even a mad lib Toast to get your juices flowing. Sipping stunning wines while expanding your palate and toasting skills? We'll drink to that!


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Brielle B
I'll toast to that!

I loved this collection - it was full of facts and fun, not to mention excellent wine! There was enough variety in the collection to make for a perfect solution to the ever-present question "what kind of wine should I bring to this get together?" and everyone loves being able to pick their own style to try!

About the Wines

Polish up your palate and your toasting skills while enjoying six hand-selected European wines by the glass, perfectly preserved in our elegant glass tubes. You'll raise your glass to an expressive Italian Ca de Lion Barbera, a lovely Le Petit Blanc and more.

The Details

What's Included

  • 3 red and 3 white wines, 100 ml each
  • Tasting notes and food pairing recommendations
  • Access to sommelier-led virtual tasting videos
  • The Art of the Toast Guide with toasting history, cultural traditions, do's and don'ts , and more.
  • LIVE virtual sommelier-led tasting access - come sip with us!

Virtual Tasting Videos

When you receive your wine, scan the included QR code to access the sommelier-led tasting videos.

When will my order ship?

Your box will ship in 3-5 business days. You will receive an email with tracking information as soon as your box is en route. Please be sure someone 21+ is available to sign for the package.

Virtual Live Tasting Event

Come toast with us! Your purchase includes access to a virtual Live Tasting with our sommelier.

Here's to good wine and great toasts.

Good party throwers - and goers - know that nothing elevates an occasion like good wine and a great toast. Well-chosen wines and words turn moments together into cherished memories. Discover both with the Art of the Toast Tasting Experience.

  • Julien Mus Bon Ju Rouge

    Brambley and bright with a Juicy Juice mix of red, black and purple berry flavors.

  • L’India Blanc

    Sweet fennel and other herbs can be detected on first sniff with pear and tropical fruits eventually rising from the glass

  • De Andres Sisters Binario Crianza

    Muddled raspberries and sweet cinnamon with tart cherry and a hint of pink peppercorn.

  • Placido Volpone Altomare

    Fermented in oak barrels with light battonage (stirring on the lees) for extra body and texture.

  • Ca de Lion Barbera

    Expressive, tart, juicy and intense.

  • Le Petit Blanc

    Slightly acidic, flush with fruit and soft on the palate - the trifecta for a “little white French sipper.”