Sweater Weather Reds - $99

Enjoy a spectrum of red wines, ranging from soft and expressive to bold and nuanced. These wines were hand-selected to pair with crunchy autumn leaves and new autumn sweaters.

Highlights include a rich merlot that was farmed biodynamically, a delicious Italian red blend barrel aged for 12 months, and a Nebbiolo that pairs perfectly with aged cheeses.

Includes 9 red wines. 100 ml each.

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Vinebox is here to answer the call of single-glass drinkers everywhere. The service sends along nine of the season’s best wines, from recent vintage cellar releases to current wines that are on-trend, in convenient single-glass servings.

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Sweater Weather Reds box with red tubes Sweater Weather Reds box with red tubes


Graveirette Pur Jus

A soft and expressive merlot from famed Chateauneauf du pape producer Julian Mus at Domaine de la Graveirette. Dried blueberries and tart craisin flavors are framed by a touch of rich, prune-like fruitiness and purple flower aromas.

These grapes are farmed biodynamically - a practice that lets mother nature make certain winemaking decisions, like when to harvest depending on the moon cycle.

Perfect with cheese grits, pâtés, and roast sweet potato.