2021 Edition

The Rosé Collection - $65

Rosé wines are sort of like hats - you can always wear them but there is definitely a season where they just make more sense. And friends, it’s rosé season once again! Whether you're opening a window at home or spreading a blanket on the beach, these 6 wines pair perfectly with all things Vitamin D!

From crisp and tart to fresh and fruity with even a few that are serious, but playfully serious, this rosé collection includes wines made from classic grapes like Grenache and Nebbiolo alongside a unique Sumoll-based pink wine that tastes like passion fruit and creamy peaches. Includes 6 rosé wines. 100 ml each.

Pairs well with sunshine, tanlines, and not giving a $%!&.

Classic Rosés

Sit back and enjoy rosé favorites from the south of France. Made from classic grapes such as Grenache and Syrah, these blush-colored sippers have notes of watermelon and fresh berries.

Freshest Vintage

Be among the first to taste the yields of a truly lovely 2020 harvest season. The second warmest spring in almost 100 years allowed the wines to mature on the vine and develop complex flavors and aromas.

Limited Release

Rosé wines, like warm weather, are only here for a short time for most of us. Enjoy this sampling of crisp, tart, fruity, and even some more interesting wines before they're gone - until next year!


What's Inside

6 wines that pair perfectly with Vitamin D. A sampling of some of the season’s best rose-tinted offerings including fresh 2020 blends from the places we wish we could visit right now like Southern France and coastal Sicily. Enjoy different styles and find your favorite new summer wine.

Tasting Notes
Get the jump on the newest bottlings of our favorites. Grenache-based blends full of strawberry notes, Italian rosés bursting with blood orange and sweet grapefruit, and one special Spanish rosato boasting creamy notes of peach. Completely chillable, absolutely enjoyable, and arguably necessary.

Customer Reviews

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Wendy Flowers
Great gift

I’m excited to individually wrap a vial of wine to give as thank you gifts

Anita King

Delicious and fun!

no wine from here
No Phone # No Wine

Website didnt fulfill my order- too bad for vinebox.
They do not have a phone number to place orders ?? Thats corked up, and unheard of-
I just brought all my Holiday Orders to Blue Apron and Wynster instead

Anna Prober
Poor Quality

So far 3 of them are just vinegar.
Great in theory but missed the mark.

Cornelia Downs
A taste of Europe

All wines have been absolutely delicious! What a fabulous gift this was!!