Sancerre "Côte des Embouffants"


Sancerre "Côte des Embouffants"

Vintage 2016
Producer Roger Neveu
Country France
Region Loire Valley

On the nose, the wine delivers an aromatic expression of ripe fruit and little white flowers that tend to linger in the loveliest way, like your clothes linger with the scent of a high school crush’s perfume/cologne/fabric softener after a brief embrace. The palate is full of unctuous fruit pierced by a shining ray of zippy citrus, with a chalky terroir note somewhere in the mix. It's that balance of freshness, suppleness, and minerality that welcomely clouds your thoughts for days to come and has you writing Mr./Mrs. Neveu on the back of your notebooks. Produced proudly with lutte raisonnée, or “the reasoned struggle,” which is as close to organic you can get without sacrificing all modern technologies.

Oysters, goat cheese (especially Crotin de Chavignol,) green veggies, shorts with sweaters

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