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"Pardon me, could I see the Reserve list, please?" Taste through our favorite top red wine cuvées, all together in one box for the first time. Heavy hitters from Bordeaux and Sicily alongside single-vineyard Barolo and top vintage red Burgundy, to name a few. These are most sumptuous red wines, delivered to you.

Includes 9 red wines. 100 ml each.

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"The wines that VINEBOX sends are certainly already at the top of their game."

Peaking Vintages

Taste Bordeaux from 2011, one of the most difficult yet rewarding vintages in memory along with Barolo from austere 2014 and Burgundy from 2016 - one of the most delicious and least dense in recent times!

Specific Vineyards

Single Cru Barolo from Ravera, a plot of land that is said to produce the most intense Barolo wines in the Langhe hills. Pinot Noir from Rully in the Cote Chalonnaise of Burgundy.

All Red

The tannins in red wine are the magical ingredient that allows the liquid to age and develop intriguing and mystifying flavors. We love white wine at VINEBOX, but we all know red is special.


Domaine du Meix Guillame Rully 2016

There was good news and bad news coming out of Burgundy in 2016. Good news? The wines are seriously delicious. Bad news? There is a serious shortage. Luckily, we were able to snag some beautiful Pinot Noir from Erell Ninot, the lovely female winemaker that runs the estate.

Tasting Notes
The wine is showing beautifully after 4 years with complex notes of Dr. Pepper and cola amongst the prototypical strawberry and cherry notes. Age has brought a touch of fig jam and forest mushroom, while the wine finishes light and airy amongst the complex cacophony of flavors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1480 reviews
Kate M.
okay but not great

For some reason, this quarter's box did not wow me. I only liked the whites offered (2 of 9), but I have been looking for a good red option. Hopefully I will like the reds in the next box better.

Maya Hrkalovich

So cute, bigger than I thought!

Tina Rembish
Fun in the Sun

This box was a perfect surprise for a friend. We had a winetasting out on her back deck as we read the information on each bottle along with the fun summer pairings that we could add. So glad I got this gift for her: great presentation, delicious wines, and fun bonding experience!

Susan Francis

It came in excellent condition and wrapped it for a Father's Day Gift.
Hope he shares it!

Jill Schmidt
Loved it even before I opened the box!

Adorable packaging, useful booklet describing all the wines, can’t wait for our team’s virtual wine tasting!!