Just like a fine wine

Red Red Wine Collection - $99

The ultimate curated collection of red wines. From light bodied reds to bold reds - you'll be sure to find your new favorite among this full spectrum of flavors. Cheers!

Includes 9 red wines. Each 100 ml.

Three Featured Wines

1. Binario Crianza

Muddled raspberries and sweet cinnamon with tart cherry and a hint of pink peppercorn. A light wine from Rioja it manages to balance a fresh, tart acidity with the lush ripe red fruits the region is known for.

2. Tinedo Básico

Expressive and straightforward with blue flowers, violets, cherry licorice like Red-Vines and a hint of blood orange. Fresh finish with more fruit than tannin.

3. "Il rosso e il nero"

The red and the black indeed! The aromas are bright red cherries and deep, dark black currants. The palate moves into bright red raspberry with blackberry, licorice and a deep note of cherry liqueur.

The Full Spectrum

As we journey through tasting a spectrum of red wines, we need to better understand what makes a wine light-bodied or full-bodied. The body of wine refers to how the wine feels in your mouth. Does the texture feel like a sip of water or sip of heavy cream in your mouth?

Light-bodied reds typically have lower alcohol content of less than 12.5 percent. When tasting light-bodied reds a few strong characteristics are acidity and fresh fruits. Gamay, Pinot Noir, Garnacha and Carignan are a few examples. Best foods to pair with light-bodied reds are vegetables, shellfish, poultry and fish.

Medium-bodied reds have more tannins than a light-bodied red wine and higher alcohol content between 12.5 and 13.5 percent. Merlot, shiraz, Tempranillo, and Nebbiolo are a few examples. Medium-bodied reds are popular as they pair with a variety of foods and are very approachable.

Full-bodied reds have more than 13.5 percent alcohol and typically have more complex flavors and a richer mouthfeel. Malbec, Bordeaux, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah are a few examples. Best pairings for full-bodied reds are lamb chops, grilled steaks and homemade lasagna.