Red Levels - $45

Imagine you're soaking up the rays and basking in the warmth of summer breezes blowing through the European vineyard with a crystal glass in your hand. Now imagine pouring a splash of wine into a red solo cup and drinking it with a homemade grilled cheese lunch in the middle of your busy day. This box offers both, part of a true spectrum of the red wine experience, and after you taste these three wines you'll know what we mean!

Highlights include a Gamay from France that’s perfect for the chilly months, with loads of acidity and a soft texture, and a Nebbiolo from the King of Italian winemaking, Abrigo Giovanni.

Includes 3 wines. 100 ml each.


"Vinebox not only is offering some of the very first European releases, but...was able to snag some exceptional wines that have never before been exported to the United States."


Alegra Tempranillo

This wine comes from 115 hectares planted with different clones of Tempranillo that are harvested and handled separately to respect the environment and express complexity in the grapes.

Mature red fruits with a hint of spicy notes to the nose. Plum and morello cherry mingle with pie spices like cinnamon and clove, yet stay balanced and fresh without too much weight.

Perfect with: Dal, French onion soup, and spicy pastas.