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Discover the range of Malbec, Pinot Noir, Merlot and more this season. We've curated the top single-varietal wines from across France for the ultimate side by side tasting.

Includes 9 wines - 6 red, 3 white. 100 ml each.

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In the press

VINEBOX stays away from the biggest wineries to focus on the so-called little guys, and it curates each box for the season, almost like a sommelier urging you to expand your palate.

Red vs Rose

Pinot Noir - 2 Ways. Taste the same grapes made into a lovely red wine, and also a very special saignée bottling of rosé.

Side by Side Tastings

Pour a glass of these pairings to taste side by side and explore the grapes, terroir, and wine styles. Which do you prefer?

Oaked vs. Unoaked

Compare flavors of tart citrus to apples and pears to an elegant layer of buttercream chiffon. Hint: They're all Chardonnay and all delicious.


A Tale of Two Malbecs

Most people think big, inky, spicy, fruity and bold when it comes to Malbec. But that’s just one style. Imagine all of those lovely notes wrapped up in a chillable, easy to drink red that is low in alcohol and big in nuanced flavor. In the Southwest of France, it’s referred to as Côt. Discover the different sides of Malbec this season.

Let's Talk Details

What's included in this box?

This box includes 9 hand-selected wines (6 red, 3 white), by the glass, along with tasting notes. Each 10 cl pour is perfectly preserved as if directly from the vineyard.

When will my order ship?

Your order will ship within 2 business days, and take 1-5 business days in transit. You will receive a shipment notificaiton email as soon as the order is en route.

How can I order a large quantity of this box?

Great question! Please email >strong> and our gifting department will get in touch asap.

Customer Reviews

Based on 369 reviews
Just the right amount

I have enjoyed every one of the selections that I have tried. It is just the right amount for an after dinner glass of wine. I have been very pleased.

Good idea, poorly executed

I liked the idea of trying some less common wines to learn more about the variety that is out there. But the wines were uniformly poor and came in samples too small (3.4 oz.) for 2 people to each enjoy a decent poor. Also, if you did particularly like a wine, there was no way to directly order bottles of it. Wouldn't that be the entire point?


Great taste love it

So good!

Really enjoyed this box! There was only 2 whites, wish it was more even especially for a mixed box.


The first box I got the bottles were broken and only two wines were able to be drank. I emailed and got a prompt reply and a replacement box quickly. So far I have loved the wines. I wish the serving size was equal to one glass of wine instead of just 100ml, especially for the price. That is my only complaint