A Fresh Start - $85

Putting 2020 behind us means a lot this year, but before we throw in the towel, let's take a moment to enjoy the fruits of a truly laborious harvest! Enjoy fresh 2020 releases that highlight the good stuff that the year gave the vineyards and vines alongside some special bottlings to celebrate a fresh start.

Highlights include a blackberry-scented Dolcetto from Italy and a Spanish white from Bierzo that’s both weighty and fresh!

Includes 6 red, 3 white wines. 100 ml each.


This striking bottle design and size is perfect for sampling and discovering your next favorite wine varietal, but doesn't compromise the actual wine quality.

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New Releases

Wines fresh out of the barrel. Sample the latest wines being released in Europe, months before they make the journey to the US.

Fresh Vintage

2020 was a trying year but a fairly generous crop for wineries across the old countries. Taste the first wines to be vinified from this historical vintage.

A Wine Journey

Discover a world of wines from your couch, including rich Dolcetto from Italy, smooth Malbec from France and spicy Tempranillo from Spain.


Handpicked from Spain

“Tinta de Toro” is the local name for Tempranillo in the ancient village of Toro, but not all Tempranillos are created equal. In the harsh, hot sandy soils of Northwest Spain, the grapes have mutated to have thicker skins, indented leaves and a longer vegetative cycle to allow for ripening. These changes allow the grape to also create more phenolics or flavors and scents!

The tradeoff is that the vines are impossible to harvest by machine so crews have to harvest each cluster by hand. Trust us, the resulting wine is just like it’s namesake Toro, The Bull - robust!

Customer Reviews

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Love the Vinebox

Received this as a birthday present. Absolutely love it! First box arrived with 6 red and 3 white. Tried 4 star far and all were excellent. Personally, I prefer white so would like more white or rose in the next box, but my husband is enjoying the reds.

Great Offering

Vinebox’s offerings give wine lovers a great opportunity to try unique wines without having to buy a full bottle. Many of these are available to purchase in bottles when you find one you love.

Sample size

I love the whole premise but I do think there should be a smidge more in each vile. I honestly feel like I can’t get a solid sense of whether i like the wine, which was idea behind getting the membership. Thanks!

Great sampling!

The samples in the box were awesome. I will be definitely be ordering some wine from the suggestions in box. I can't wait until I order again!


Really enjoyed my Fresh Start box. All of the wines were delicious. Modernista was my absolute fave and even bought a few bottles to share for later.