The Quarterly Wine Club - $79

Get started today and taste the best wines of the season, every season. Discover 9 wines, by the glass, every 3 months to keep your palate fresh and satisfied. This season's box is all about fresh, new, and hard to find wines from every corner of Europe - the hidden gems. See more information on your first box here.

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This striking bottle design and size is perfect for sampling and discovering your next favorite wine varietal, but doesn't compromise the actual wine quality.


Hidden Gems

Just like bands or influencers, it seems there’s always a new kid on the block. Same goes for wine, except in a wild twist most of the new kids have in fact been around for a while. Catch up on fresh, new, hard to find hidden gems from every corner of Europe before you find yourself being asked the age old question “Have you ever heard of…” If you haven’t yet heard of Braucol, Mauzac, Cortese or Trebbiano, now is your chance!

Est! Est!! Est!!!

One of the craziest names of a wine appellation in the world, this historically prominent white wine region offers intense and persistent wines worth a taste.

Braucol - 2 Ways

Sample one of France’s hottest new and obscure red wine grapes in both a chillable intense red as well as a fruit filled crisp rosé perfect for those warmer days ahead.

Big Wine, Small Village

Enjoy an award winning red blend from the tiny town of Corella in Spain’s Navarra region that’s big in the glass even though the village has less than 8,000 residents!


Braucol - Ancient Grape, Modern Taste

Braucol, also known as Fer Servadou, Caillaba, Pinenc and other local synonyms, is grown in the Southwest of France and chances are you’ve had a splash of it blended into a wine from this area. Prized for its concentration and color, the grape used to be added to boost Cabernet Franc and other light bodied reds. When vinified on its own the wine is dark with rich wild berry fruit, layers of tannins and a rather rustic-wild finish that leaves you wanting more!

Tastes like rich wild berry fruit, dark cherry soda, woodsy flowers

Perfect with Barbacoa tacos, hard salty cheese, and Instagram filters to hide your purple teeth.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1508 reviews
Namrata Chauhan

Peaks & Valleys

Adam M
Amazing Wines

These wines were delicious. I look forward to purchasing more for myself and gifting to friends.

Unique gift!

I haven’t personally tried the wines, but it was such a fun, unique gift instead of gifting just a single bottle of wine

Lara Gray
Amazing, so far

So, I’ve only tried a few classes but so far they have been really great!

Mike Williams
Great summer wines!

Really enjoyed the Summer wine selection, probably rate most of them as excellent; Just a nice way to get a round Europe sampling of great wines I wouldn’t otherwise taste!