Monferrato Rosso

Al Fresco Bottle

Monferrato Rosso

Vintage 2017
Producer Tenuta La Pergola
Country Italy
Region Piedmont

We are probably all familiar with what I’ll baptize the Weeknight Wine Conundrum: it’s been a long day, and we want nothing more than a glass or two of tasty red to wash down a quick and simple dinner—but naturally, we hesitate to open a whole bottle. Tenuta La Pergola’s Monferrato Rosso could be your savior when you are faced with this unfortunate dilemma. At a price that encourages weeknight consumption, this humble blend of Barbera, Dolcetto, Bonarda, and other grapes indigenous to Italy’s Piedmont offers juicy refreshment and versatility when you most need it. Saturated with berry fruit, floral aromatics, and earthy nuances, it will pair effortlessly with your laziest efforts in the kitchen and shines alongside take-out pizza. If you don’t finish the bottle, no worries—it can be kept for another two days or so without a problem (fridge recommended, then let it warm up to the desired temperature). And remember, there is nothing wrong with polishing off this Italian quaffer in one night!

Take-out pizza, leftovers, sappy TV drama, other kinds of pizza

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