Light & Flirty - $89

A selection of easy to enjoy, carefree and simply delicious wines. We've traded in the complex nuances and pretentious glass swirls for fruit forward, unabashedly tasty selections perfect for kicking back with. Whether sampling the most recent Provence rosé or sitting on your fire escape with a chilled red watching the sunset, these are the wines to drink as your mood lightens and the weather warms.

Includes 9 wines (4 red, 4 white, 1 rosé). 100 ml each.



Tired of overthinking and just want to enjoy something light and delicious!

Freshest Rosé

Sample the latest vintage of rosé from Provence that just left the winery - pale, pink and delicious!

Light-Bodied Reds

Chillable red wines from France and Spain that drink perfectly out of the fridge.

Crisp Whites

Fruity blends from France, crisp local grapes from Spain and one semi-sweet treat that's perfect as dessert.

A Peek At What's Inside

Light, alluring, and teasing to be enjoyed

Swipe right on this enticing mix of light bodied, non-serious, flirtatious wines. Get to know some fruit forward Spanish whites, strike up a fun conversation with a fruity Gamay and relax with 9 glasses of coy wine.

Insider Tip - All of these wines are delicious with a slight chill so feel free to place the entire box in the fridge (or cooler if you're distancing at the park!). The reds will warm in the glass to the perfect temperature while the whites won't even last long enough to warm! Pairs best with picnic snacks and the outdoors.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1440 reviews
Wendy Flowers
Great gift

I’m excited to individually wrap a vial of wine to give as thank you gifts

Anita King

Delicious and fun!

no wine from here
No Phone # No Wine

Website didnt fulfill my order- too bad for vinebox.
They do not have a phone number to place orders ?? Thats corked up, and unheard of-
I just brought all my Holiday Orders to Blue Apron and Wynster instead

Anna Prober
Poor Quality

So far 3 of them are just vinegar.
Great in theory but missed the mark.

Cornelia Downs
A taste of Europe

All wines have been absolutely delicious! What a fabulous gift this was!!