"Réserve la Demoiselle" Corbières


"Réserve la Demoiselle" Corbières

Vintage 2017
Producer Domaine de Fontsainte
Country France
Region Corbières

With all the undeservedly overpriced wine on the market today, it’s easy to say we’ve found a great deal. Nevertheless, Fontsainte’s Corbières Rouge takes “value” to the next level: a time-tested terroir and generations of savoir-faire yield hedonistic drinkability, uncommon complexity, and long-term cellaring potential, all at an unchanging and quite accessible cost. Century-old Carignan with a hearty dollop of Grenache and Mourvèdre is responsible for this dark, meaty, garrigue-ridden stallion. If past vintages are any indicator, you’ll want to enjoy this today, tomorrow, and much farther down the line.

Blue cheeses, chocolate desserts, BBQ meats + veggies, blankets + Hulu

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