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Meant to be enjoyed

Fireside Sips Collection - $45

Grab a cozy blanket, your favorite book and our favorite winter curated tasting collection. Some wines are meant to be enjoyed fireside.

Highlights include a rich Cabernet Sauvignon from the Languedoc region of France. With notes of black currant, farmer's market fresh plum and dark sweet cherry flavors are then backed up by cracked black pepper and a hint of mint.

Includes 3 red wines. 100 ml each.

in the press

"Vinebox immediately stands out for its unique vials of wine, which give individual pours but still maintain the full flavor and mouthfeel of the wine."

the wine to watch

Dumas Alchimie

This sustainable red is produced in Beaujolais, France features vines planted on the volcanic slopes of Mt. Brouilly. Diorite, a unique volcanic stone, gives the wines a unique mineral crispness and flavor and also is a real pain to plant and upkeep. Nothing good is easy, right?!

Dark forest berry flavors are accented by sweet pipe tobacco scents and subtle peony and violet aromas. Barrel aging adds a sprinkle of vanilla and toasty, smoky flavors on top of the bramble berry flavors making for an almost berry-pie like flavor profile!

Perfect with aged cheeses, fancy steak, crusty bread with nice balsamic.