'Füt de Chêne' Madiran


'Füt de Chêne' Madiran

Vintage 2014
Producer Domaine Sergent
Country France
Region Sud-Ouest

Tannat (where the word tannin comes from!) is rustic, tannic and earthy. Domaine Sergent tames the beast a touch by aging the wine in oak barrels, or füt de chêne, to expose them to some oxygen and impart some tasty oak nuances. Expect fresh blackberry and blackcurrant with spicy cinnamon bark and perceivable, dry tannins.

Pro Tip: Some red wines have significantly higher levels of what science has determined to be the beneficial ingredients found in wine (anthocyanins.) This is one of those wines.

Strong cheeses, cassoulet, beef roasts, ascots and cuff-links

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