dinner party bundle dinner party bundle

Cheers to wine!

Dinner Party - $149

This holiday season we have curated the perfect party pack of wines for your next event. There is something for every palate to enjoy.

Highlighted wine is Beaujolais Villages, a light bodied French red. Named after Pierre Andre’s Great Aunt Alice, this beaujolais village is just like the late Matriarch - fun, flirty, easy going and appreciated by everyone. Fruity on the nose and palate, this gamay has a touch more weight thanks to some fruit sourcing from cru Brouilly. The nose is all creamed berries and bramble that translates to flavors of baked cherry pie, super ripe strawberries, sweet herb tea and enough spice and grip to let you know it’s French. Pro Tip: put a slight chill on this one before drinking.

Rounding out this bundle is a crisp Solo Lei, fresh Le Petit Coup Rosé, tropical Reinne Juliette Gewurztraminer, fruity Rosantica, and a ripe Binario.

Each bundle includes six 750 ml bottles.