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The ultimate

Date Night - $78

Nothing says romance like a unique wine tasting experience with your special someone. Our Date Night bundle includes two boxes with six total tubes: three wines in your box, and three wines in theirs. Together, you'll be the host of your own exciting wine tasting experience!

Inside each box you’ll find 3 carefully crafted glass tubes, carrying a world-class pour of exquisite wine, including two exotic reds and a single crisp white from exceptional European vineyards.

1. Casual Blanco

White peach aromas with green tea and fennel notes in the bouquet as well. The palate carries these zippy flavors through with minerality on top of the crisp, juicy nectarine and other stone fruits.

2. Carignan La Galiniere

Carignan is much more than it's typical spicy complexity, and when it's not blended and made purely of carignan, the wine can show off its ripe strawberry and plum aromas and tart cranberry flavors with little hints of savory herbs. Like a light-bodied CA zinfandel but with more rusticity and wildness to the nose.

3. La Garganta del Aguila

Raspberry and wild strawberry, together with herb aromas like oregano and thyme. Soft and velvety in the mouth finishing with freshness and vibrancy and a lingering note of sweet herbs.

date night date night
date night date night

The Ultimate Date Night!

Looking for a fun and exciting new experience for your next date night? We have curated an experience to host an at home wine tasting experience with your special someone. Here are our suggestions on how to host a romantic wine tasting.

1. Set the scene!
Imagine you are sipping wines in a tasting room in Tuscany. Start by grabbing wine glasses, your wines, a couple note pads with pens and delicious snacks to pair with the wine.

2. Sip, taste, note!
As you sip each wine take note on what flavor profiles you are tasting as well as what you like about each wine. This will help you learn what types of wines you enjoy most.

3. Have fun!
Sip back and relax. Enjoying the company of your special someone and sipping on good wine is really all you need to host an ultimate date night wine tasting!