Date Night by Vinebox

Date Night - $78


"This is a fun, unexpected gift for yourself or a loved one that lights up the whole place when it arrives."

Wine in the Spotlight Wine in the Spotlight

Wine in the Spotlight

Each wine in your box is fabulous for its own reasons, made from old vines in France to the trendy new regions along the coast of Spain. However, our favorite is the La Galinière Carignan; its flavor carries much more complexity than a typical spicy Carignan.

Since it's not blended and made purely of Carignan, the wine is able to pull off its ripe strawberry and plum aromas and tart cranberry flavors with little hints of savory herbs.

Together, all of these wines were curated & packaged specifically to be shared by two. We know you’ll enjoy sipping the Garnacha from Spain’s Cebreros region and indulging in the zippy flavors of the Casual Blanco with the ones that matter most.

Share a Romantic Toast with Your Partner

By the Glass

The one thing better than you and me is you, me, and wine. Tonight, let’s raise a glass together and toast to us!

Curated Wines

World-class wines from renowned regions across Italy, France, Spain and more. No matter who you are, these wines are sure to impress.

Treat Your Partner

Check "This is a gift" to include a gift message. You deserve a glass (or 3) this year!

An Experience to Share

One box for you and one box for them. Together, cherish the unique relationship you’ve built.

A Taste of Europe

Each box is featuring exotic reds and crisp whites from exceptional European vineyards

In Harmony

Just like you, our wines pair together beautifully for an unmatched experience.