Darragon Vouvray Demi-Sec


Darragon Vouvray Demi-Sec

Vintage 2017
Producer Maison Darragon
Country France
Region Loire Valley

‘Haut des Ruettes’ is the demi-sec offering from our favorite Vouvray producer, Maison Darragon. Demi-sec means “half-dry” so the other half is sweet, though in this case you could argue it’s more a sense of richness than syrupy sweetness. The palate is silky and generous thanks to the later harvesting of Chenin blanc grapes. Flavors of honeyed apple, ripe pineapple and rich apricot end with mouthwatering acidity to tie everything together, like a tart-then-sweet Sour Patch Kid. Don’t be put off by the demi-sec moniker, this Vouvray has just a trace of sweetness to carry the beautiful ripe fruit flavors.

Goat cheese on toast with a honey drizzle, apple pie, poached pears, pan-fried fish, Sweet Potato casserole

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