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Chocolate Pairing Collection - $46

We have curated a trio of wines that pair with your favorite milk chocolate or rich decadent chocolate truffles. No matter the chocolate you choose, these wines will delight any chocolate lover's palate.

We suggest the following chocolates to pair with this collection:

Rich white chocolate
Creamy milk chocolate
Chocolate covered cherries or oranges
Decadent dark chocolate

Includes 2 Reds & 1 White. 100 ml each.

1. Bodega Tandem Casual Blanco

White peach aromas with green tea and fennel notes in the bouquet as well. The palate carries these zippy flavors through with minerality on top of the crisp, juicy nectarine and other stone fruits.

2. La Galinière Carignan

This Carignan wine shows off its ripe strawberry and plum aromas and tart cranberry flavors with little hints of savory herbs. Like a light bodied CA zinfandel but with more rusticity and wildness to the nose.

3. La Garganta del Águila

Raspberry and wild strawberry, together with herb aromas like oregano and thyme. Soft and velvety in the mouth finishing with freshness and vibrancy and a lingering note of sweet herbs.

Wine & Chocolate Tasting

Some say chocolate and wine are an unlikely duo, but we beg to differ. Depending on the chocolate and wine combo chosen, the right chocolate will enhance the wine's fruity flavors or earthy profile nicely. Here are a few things to remember when pairing your favorite chocolate with a glass of wine.
1.Don't be bitter! Chocolate has a natural bitterness to it. The darker chocolates will tend to be more bitter because of the higher concentration of cacao and lower sweetness levels. Stay with levels of 80% or less of cacao for a more mellow chocolate to enjoy with your pinot.
2.The perfect pair! When choosing the right wine to pair with chocolate the best wines are the wines that match intensity.

For example, a bittersweet chocolate paired with a strong Zinfandel or a sweeter Rosè with white chocolate. 3. Dark to light! Taste from light to dark chocolate or light-bodied to full-bodied wine like a typical wine tasting. Tasting in this format will allow you to fully taste the understated nuances of white chocolate to ending with the dark or bittersweet chocolate.
4. Have fun! Wine tasting and pairing is meant for learning about wines and finding your new favorite wine. Invite friends and family over , grab some of your favorite chocolates and host your own fancy tasting party. Cheers!