Caveau des Jacobins Blanc Tradition


Caveau des Jacobins Blanc Tradition

Vintage NV
Producer Sainte Avoye/Caveau des Jacobins
Country France
Region Côtes du Jura

Our first wine aged sous-voile, or under the delicate flor veil of yeast like sherry or vermouth! This intentionally oxidized Chardonnay blend is polarizing to say the least, but any fans of Sherry will be doing backflips out of excitement. The nose is savory and sweet, like soy sauce coated cashews in a field of citrus flowers. The palate is a cacophony of flavors and experiences: spice, freshness, fatness, acidity, nuttiness, perfume and a hint of creaminess. Watch out, it’s addictive to sip on and fantastic with a plethora of foods - including almost impossible to pair culprits such as artichokes and asparagus.

Artichokes, herb-roasted poultry, asparagus, brussels sprouts

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