Bold Reds - $45

Grab a good book, a blanket and curl up with a glass of wine. Enjoy this flight of complicated, bold and nuanced red wines for the seasoned red wine drinker.

A balanced tasting experience, highlighted by a pleasant merlot with hints of acai, currant and soft sweet sage hints.

Includes 3 red wines. 100 ml each.

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La Spia Valtellina

Alpine Nebbiolo differs from Barolo or Barbaresco in that the ephemeral characteristics lean more towards druid-tinged petrichor instead of tar and or truffles. This wine is ruby red with bright strawberry, raspberry and red currant notes like you'd expect, but with a unique candied cherry jam flavor and some peppery and tobacco notes. It ends with dusty chocolate covered cherry.

The average hectare of wine takes about 250 hours of labor to maintain and pick. Because of the steep hills and walled terraces, it takes around 1,000 to 1,200 hours of labor for each hectare in Valtellina.

Perfect with pasta with greens, mature cheeses, bresaola charcuterie