Beaux Regards Sancerre

Beaux Regards Sancerre

$10/ Glass

The ultimate French Sauvignon blanc

  • Citrus
  • Flowers
  • Creamy
  • Minerals
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Educate Yourself

Hand selected from The Loire Valley

This wine is all about fragrant white flowers, white peach and lemon with that classic varietal undercurrent of tomato stalk (in a good way).

Initially, fresh squeezed lime greets your tongue with notes of peach, grapefruit, and lemon meringue coming in waves. Chalky minerality and zippy acidity round out this great and focused sipper.

Wine Profile
Tannin Body Acidity
Quick Facts
Alcohol: 13%
Pair With: Crottin de Chavignol, a small wheel of cheese from goats that graze maybe a few miles from Sancerre, is as close to a perfect wine and cheese pairing as there is. Sancerre wines have great minerality from the fossilized sea creatures in their soil and therefore pair beautifully with foods from the sea.
Producer: Michel Girault
Type: Sauvignon Blanc
Year: 2015
  1. Find purveyor of fine cheeses

  2. Purchase small wheel of Crottin de Chavignol

  3. Purchase a baguette and some preserves if you're feeling it also

  4. Go somewhere (couch totally counts, parks are nice also) with your cheese and glass of Sancerre and start living

  • Yourself

  • Cheese (see recipe directions)

  • glass of Sancerre

Music Pairing

Vineyard History

"From The Cliffs of Dover"

The Sancerre region is part of the Paris Basin, an ancient sea bed that stretches from southwest of Paris through Chablis and Champagne and into southern England. The cliffs of Dover are the same chalky limestone that gives such structure to these wines. Combined with flinty Silex and chalky Kimmeridgian soils, Sauvignon blanc from these three unique terroirs produces nervy, powerful white wines with chalky minerality and laser-like focus.

Tasting Guide

This Sauvignon blanc is a bright, medium bodied white with notes of citrus, flowers and creamy minerality.

"You can plan a pretty picnic but you can't predict the weather."

- Outkast