Barruol Lynch Crozes-Hermitage Bottle


Barruol Lynch Crozes-Hermitage Bottle

Crozes Hermitage, Rhône Valley, France ~section~ 2014 ~section~ This cuvée of Crozes, crafted by northern Rhône expert Louis Barruol and blended by Kermit for your enjoyment, is sourced from the appellation’s rare hillsides, and it tastes like it. ~section~ The exposure allows for good ripening, giving those classic aromas of black fruit along with roasted spices and game. The soil (granite, rather than the less desirable clay found in the flatlands) provides a serious backbone chew on that tannin! A Crozes like this could certainly pass for good Hermitage, with one distinction: it is ready to drink today. No need to wait—fire up the grill and pull that cork! ~section~ Just as rustic and still 100 % Syrah, this Crozes has even more of that bold character that you came to enjoy from Habrard. ~section~ Barruol Lynch~section~ Crozes Hermitage "Tiercerolles"~section~Estimated Ship Date - 2 weeks


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