"Avis de Vin Fort Clairet"

Al Fresco Bottle

"Avis de Vin Fort Clairet"

Vintage 2017
Producer Catherine et Pierre Breton
Country France
Region Loire Valley

A light red wine which sits on its skins for 6 - 8 days before pressing. “Avis de Vin Fort”, a reference to the maritime warning “Avis de Vent Fort” (meaning strong winds are in the forecast), is a play on words to evoke the idea that if the weather is bad, one should sail back to shore and have a glass of wine instead. What the French refer to as "glou glou" wine, this is still taken seriously enough to be bottled as a natural wine, produced with no oak and without fining and filtration. Bright, almost claret in colour with lively aromas of blueberries. And as Catherine herself says "Thankfully, to drink this wine, you do not need to be preparing to do anything heroic; you simply should be relaxed and ready to have a meal." Ready to have a meal, you say? That's sort of...always?

Cold cuts, indoor picnics and cheese plates, reminiscing about warm weather, grocery store rotisserie chicken


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