Single Vineyard selections from The King Of Italy

Barolo Vertical - $129

Barolo is already world famous, so picking a cru, or select vineyard, within Barolo, is a true privilege. Meet Ravera - known for its vibrancy, middle-weight depth, and the ability to cellar for decades. Try 3 vintages from Ravera, two from the cellar and the newest release, 2015, that is sure to be one for the history books.

Ever tasted a vertical? Unless you’ve visited a vineyard or two or summered with your European cousin, it’s unlikely. This collection can change that. Taste the best of the best from Italy’s famous Barolo region across three different years, even if you’re not the secret Princess of Genovia.

Taste 3 vintages of Barolo

A Trip Through Time

Wine is different every year, depending on rainfall, temperature, and even winemaker. To truly understand this phenomenon you have to try the same exact wine from the same exact vineyard across several vintages.

This is where we come in - with single vineyard Barolo, nonetheless. Ravera wines from 2013 are silky with striking aromatics and a touch of rose hip tea. 2014 was a colder vintage that produced perfumey wines that are very expressive at the moment, and 2015 - the darling of the bunch - is already boasting an ephemeral nose of strawberry, cherry and sweet anise in its youth.