A Toast to Organic Wine


Organic, Biodynamic and Delicious

Explore the world of organic wines across Europe. From the only organic winery in Pessac-Léognan to a biodynamic wine by way of Sicily and more. All organic, always delicious.

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Sustainably Farmed

Ox-driven plows, onsite compost, and no harmful pesticides. Farming today with an eye for tomorrow, both ethically and environmentally.

No Additives

No industrial sulfites, flavoring agents, GMOs or coloring doses. Just organically grown grapes and time for them to naturally shine.

Naturally Delicious

What’s in the bottle is what nature intended, with minimal guidance and oversight from the winemakers and vineyard crews.

The Wine To Watch

Capmartin Madiran Rouge

If you’ve visited France recently, you may have seen the winemaker Simon on the cover of Le Point Magazine. Founded in 1985, the property took 3 years to make sure every aspect of their wine was based on biodynamic practices. Today they farm 100% organically, plant certain crops to deter pests, and grow Tannat - a grape that contains the highest amount of anthocyanins, the material in wine grapes that scientists claim give you superpowers - or something like that.

This item is sold out.
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What’s included?

This Organic Wine Edition includes 9 of our favorite wines this season (6 red, 2 white, and 1 rosé), by the glass. Sustainably sourced, organic, and delicious. Each 10 cl pour is perfectly preserved as if directly from the vineyard.

How does it work?

We source the 9 best wines of the season and bring them directly to you. You can purchase the Current Edition or subscribe to save $$, have first access to new releases, and receive a credit for full-size bottles - when you find a favorite!

Can you help me?

Absolutely, we are here to help (and help you drink wine). Should you have any questions at all, just email us at hello@getvinebox.com. Your happiness is guaranteed, and this is all about the wine and the experience.