YOU SAMPLED a Medium red from

Domaine Lorieux Tuffeaux Cabernet Franc

Named after the soft yellow-colored stones that dominate the central Loire Valley and vineyards. The wine is firm and still young but softens in the glass into delicious flavors of ripe, perfumed black fruits and juicy acidity. Bright, grapey fruit aromas that mix with a touch of earth.



Unagi nigiri, ham and pineapple, grilled teriyaki salmon.

YOU SAMPLED a Bold red from

Château Beauregard Mirouze Cuvée Lauzina

A blend of 45 year old vines of Syrah and Grenache, this organic Corbières has tons of structure layered with harmonious fruit. A deep garnet color greets you in the glass before notes of ripe red and black currant, garrigue spice and richness from the oak aging catch up. Karine and Nicolas reduced the vineyard by half to convert to 100% organic practices and essentially went from “quantity” to “quality” with passionate determination.



Roast lamb, soft cheeses, dark chocolate, roast beef sandwiches.

YOU SAMPLED an Al fresco red from

Domaine Sinson Pinot Noir

Fresh, flighty, fruity and oh so soft. Light cherry cola scents mingle with a pronounced raspberry note before warm baking spices and berry-pie-filling flavors dance across a super light, dry and fresh palate.



Saag paneer, seared tuna, bruschetta, red pepper hummus.

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco red from

Terres d’Alice Beaujolais

Named after Pierre Andre’s Great Aunt Alice, this Beaujolais village is just like the late Matriarch - fun, flirty, easygoing and appreciated by everyone. Fruity on the nose and palate, this Gamay has a touch more weight thanks to some fruit sourcing from cru Brouilly. The nose is all creamed berries and bramble that translates to flavors of baked cherry pie, super ripe strawberries, sweet herb tea and enough spice and grip to let you know it’s French. Pro Tip: put a slight chill on this one before drinking.



White meat turkey, Shakshuka, fish, walks around the neighborhood to get a break from family.

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco red from

Le Petit Côt

Malbec with only 3 days of extraction! The result is a grapey, fruity, light bodied elegant wine loaded with berry flavors and a silky mouthfeel.



Margherita pizza, caprese salad, pad kee mow, musubi.

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco rosé from

Le P’tit Coup

Beautiful pink color with garnet reflections, brilliant and crystalline. Fine and delicate nose reminiscent of red fruits. The aromatic mouth, full, opens out with finesse and balance. Red raspberry, strawberry and melon dominate the fruit flavors.



Chicken apple sausage, delicate tea time sandwiches, grilled ham & cheese.

YOU SAMPLED a Medium white from

Colli Bolognese Pignoletto

Made from the native Italian grape Pignoletto, this fresh wine drinks with big Yellow Delicious apple notes and hints of pomegranate, hazelnut and almond. Dry, crisp and weighty enough to enjoy with food.



Tuna tartare, mac n’ cheese, pasta with pesto.

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco white from

Estola Verdejo

A tropical fruit basket of pineapple, ripe melon and a touch of banana. All these flavors translate to the palate but remain as refreshing as a fruity, dry white tea.



fish, crab, oysters, sushi

YOU SAMPLED a Bold white from

Castillo de Benizar Semi-Dulce

A fresh and fruity wine made from Airén. By halting fermentation of the wine earlier than normal they were able to achieve a semi-sweet wine with good acidity, akin to the still moscato wines of Italy. Aromas of pear and banana greet you in the glass before a white-plum note and crisp Asian pear flavors round out the palate.



Spicy Thai food, poké, apple pie, salty potato chips