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All of the wines in your 12 Nights are shown below. Click on each wine to reveal the details. Don't peek until you're ready!

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Night 1

Château Gillet Bordeaux Blanc

Night 2

Domaine Meix Guillaume Rully

Night 3

Les Hautes Terres Bandol Rosé

Night 4

Clisson Muscadet

Night 5

Domaine Lorieux Tuffeaux Cabernet Franc

Night 6

De Andre Sisters ‘Alegra’

Night 7

Domaine Capmartin Cuvée du Couvent

Night 8

Domaine Brazilier “Rochambeau”

Night 9

El Modernista Blanc

Night 10

Abrigo Barolo Ravera

Night 11

Château Suau Bordeaux Blanc

Night 12

Château Hourbanon Médoc Rouge


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