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1. How do you sign up for VINEBOX?

To sign up for a VINEBOX membership, head to our website and click “Get Started.” We will ask you a few simple questions about your wine preferences, quantity, and whether you want a quarterly or annual membership. Once you create an account, you will fill in your shipping and billing information.

You can also get started by clicking here. If you’re looking to place a gift, head to our gifting page.


2. What are the membership options?

You are able to sign up for either a quarterly ($79/box) or annual membership ($72/box). You can also double your boxes for 10% off (so you receive 2x of each box).

If you select the quarterly membership, your membership will continue to renew every 3 months and you will be charged $79/box until you cancel. If you select the annual membership, you will pay $288 upfront for a full year of boxes. After your first prepaid year ends, you will be billed quarterly at the reduced rate ($72/box).


3. What is included with my VINEBOX membership?

Every season, you will receive a curated box containing 9 perfectly crafted 10 cl glasses of wine, as well as detailed information about the wines. We highlight seasonal finds, wines you should be drinking right now, as well as more interesting experiences. Read more about our curation process here.

Each season, you will also receive credits to purchase full-sized bottles ($15 for quarterly members, $30 for annual members). These credits expire at the end of each quarter. Log into your membership dashboard to access wine recommendations, update your personal profile, and manage your membership.


4. When does my membership renew?

When you first sign up, you will be charged immediately for your quarterly or annual membership. Your membership will renew on the 2nd day of the second month of the quarter.

Billing dates are as follows:

Q1 - February 2nd 

Q2 - May 2nd 

Q3 - August 2nd 

Q4 - November 2nd 

    We will send you an email 5-7 days before you are charged to remind you of the upcoming renewal and other details about your upcoming box. Your membership automatically renews each season unless you decide to cancel before your upcoming billing date.

    See shipping dates below.


    5. What forms of payment do you accept?

    We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club credit cards or debit cards. We also accept Paypal. Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or money orders.


    6. How do I skip, make changes, or cancel my membership?

    You can make any changes to your membership - including changing your shipping address, skipping a box, or canceling your membership by signing into your account. All prepaid memberships are nonrefundable. 

    Note that if you make any changes after your billing date, they will not apply to the upcoming box, but will take effect for the next billing date. 

    If you have any questions, email us at


    7. Do you offer a referral program?

    We do not currently offer a referral program but hope to in the future.



    1. How do I give VINEBOX as a gift?

    You are able to gift a VINEBOX membership by heading to our gifting page. From there, you can select whether you’d like to gift a seasonal box or annual membership, as well as the quantity.

    During checkout, you will enter the name and email address of the recipient, along with a gift message. You can also schedule the gift email for a specific date. If you do not select a date, the email will send immediately.

    When your recipient receives the email, they will be able to redeem the gift and set up their own account. Note that gift memberships do not renew.


    2. Are there special options for corporate or bulk gifting?

    If you are looking to place an order of 10 or more boxes, please reach out to and our support team will work with you to create a custom order.


    1. How do you select the wines in each box?

    In one word: dynamically. We make relationships with winemakers and farmers from all over the world, handpicking our favorite gems and the best examples of what each vineyard has to offer. Our team of sommeliers and experts piece together the best wines of the moment, whether they're just bottled vintages of exciting new regions or cellar finds from a decade ago. We’ll highlight what’s seasonally appropriate and worth discovering now before they’re all sold out.

    Blending our choices between new styles like amphora aged whites or carbonic reds alongside verticals from Bordeaux and classic aged Barolo allows our members to be of varying levels of wine knowledge, from beginner to those studying for Level III Sommelier Exams.

    No hidden partnerships with large wine houses to sell you bulk juice, we import all of the European wines ourselves and text pictures of our dogs with the winemakers back-and-forth to each other on WhatsApp. Vineyard dogs are adorable, and very hard workers. [insert picture of vineyard dogs here]


    2. Why am I unable to select the wines I receive?

    VINEBOX is about discovery and expanding your wine drinking horizons. There are over 1,368 wine grape varieties in the world and over 72 countries that produce them. Our new by-the-glass format allows you to try regions and grapes that you've never heard of or were hesitant to buy an entire bottle of. Think of it as a tasting room for small wineries all over the globe, delivered straight to your door. Let us walk you through the limestone of the Loire with a glass of wine in your hand (and sweat pants on). Experience the difficult to pronounce grapes of Sicily grown on the slopes of an active volcano as you veg out on the couch - did you know Nerello Mascalese tastes like Pinot noir and Nebbiolo had a love-child?

    Even if you "prefer red" we're still going to send you a white or rosé every now and then. Did you know rosé is only made from red wine grapes? Trust us, there are white wines for the self-proclaimed Cabernet-only drinker. You just haven't tried them yet.

    If you're adamant that you only like sweet wines or California Red Blends, then we're probably not the right club for you. But did you ever want to be that person who was drinking Malbec way before your Cabernet friends caught on? Or bored of the same 10 grapes you always see? Intimidated by the trendy wine shops' wine list? Want to stock your bar with the most-badass wines we can find at the moment? Whenever you’re ready to step outside the box, we're here for you.


    3. I loved the wines in my last box, where can I purchase more?

    We got you! All of the information about the wines you received as well as full-sized bottle recommendations can be accessed by signing into your account. Every quarter, we provide seasonal full-sized bottle recommendations based on the wines that you have received.

    Already a member? You can sign into your account here to see it IRL.

    If you are an annual member, you receive $30 in full-sized bottle credits every quarter. If you are a quarterly member, you receive $15 in full-sized bottle credits every quarter. These credits expire 30 days after each quarter.


    4. What is special about your by-the-glass format?

    We utilize a patented bottling technology that ensures preservation of both taste and quality of the wine. Each glass guarantees the wine for up to three years, preserved exactly as if it were from the bottle. The glasses themselves and the bottling technology are protected by 5 international patents. Our bottles are made of beverage-grade glass and are fully recyclable. We have gone to the ends of the earth to not only bring you the best wine, but the best technology behind it. We've taken every step to ensure no oxygen is introduced to the wine, no seams are in the glass, and each glass maintains the vineyard’s original design so you get the full, table-side sommelier experience right at home.



    1. When does my VINEBOX ship?

    When you first sign up, there will be an estimated shipping date at checkout. For renewals, your box will ship during the second week of the second month of the quarter.

    Shipping dates are as follows for 2019: 

    Q1 - February 4-8 

    Q2 - May 6-10

    Q3 - August 5-9

    Q4 - November 4-8

      Feel free to contact us at if you need to arrange for a different shipping date. While we cannot guarantee a delivery date, we’re happy to arrange for a different shipping date.


      2. Where do you ship?

      We currently ship within the United States. We are unable to ship to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia. We are unable to ship to PO boxes or APO addresses.


      3. Is an adult signature required at delivery?

      Yes. Since it is an alcohol, an adult signature is required at delivery. For this reason, we recommend shipping to a work address or an address where someone will be available to sign.


      4. Can I pick up a delivery due to the adult signature requirement?

      Absolutely! We ship via FedEx, so you can ship to any FedEx Office location and pickup at your own convenience. You can look up the closest location on the FedEx website here.  We cannot ship to FedEx OnSite locations.


      5. My shipment was damaged. What now?

      Sorry to hear that. E-mail us at with an image of the damage and we will coordinate a refund or we’ll re-ship you replacement product free of charge.


      6. I missed my delivery. What do I do now?

      If you missed the first delivery attempt, FedEx will attempt to deliver your shipment two more times. Please don't hesitate to reach out to for any reroutes or shipping changes - we can help! 

      After the third delivery attempt, FedEx will hold your shipment at their local facility, and indicate the address on your door tag and online tracking number. Your shipment will be held at the local FedEx location for 5 business days. If you do not pick up your shipment within the designated time period, the box will be shipped back to VINEBOX.

      As soon as your box is returned to our warehouse, we will notify you of the returned order. We are happy to reship any returned orders. Please note that all returned shipments will be subject to a $10 restock/reship fee.

      Requests for reships must be submitted within 60 days of your order's ship date by emailing After 60 days, a credit for the amount paid, less the $10 restock fee, will be applied to your account.

      Please note that due to alcohol shipping laws, we are unable to accept returns. 


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