YOU SAMPLED a crisp rosé from

La Serra Canavese Rosato

Ripe pink grapefruit and tropical flavors greet you in the glass before cherry preserves, tart raspberry and green strawberries take over.



Warm summer nights, dreams of beaches, crudités and dip

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco red from

Ca De Lion Grignolino

Piedmont’s ancient red wine-rosé hybrid is the perfect chillable red for when the occasion just doesn’t call for white. This cuvée, L’Equilibrista, is exactly that; an equilibrium in wine that manages to balance ripe red fruits with subtle spice and a soft, velvety structure. Often referred to as the Beaujolais of Italy, this fresh fruity and meant to be consumed young wine is what the winemakers enjoy whilst they wait for their heavier reds to age.



Salumi, lots of sunshine, poolside hot-dogs, spicy chip-n-dip

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco red from

Domaine d’Escausses Gaillac Rouge

A deep violet color with aromas of dark red fruits, cedarwood, white pepper and black plum. The finish lingers with spicy notes, red fruits and marjoram. Made from a blend of indigenous grape Duras and Fer, the local name for Cabernet Franc!



Spicy BBQ, griddled cheeseburgers, by itself with a slight chill

YOU SAMPLED a Bold red from

Château Hourbanon 2011

2011 was a tough year for Bordeaux, especially following the historic harvest 2010 was. However, that doesn’t always mean a bad thing when you’re talking about wines that “need age.” Due to low yields and lower alcohol, the 2011s are peaking right now! Expect a nose dominated by subtle leather and violently aromatic cherry, a concentrated palate with noticeably brighter tannins and acid even only 1 year younger than the 2010, and a slight spice.



Burgers, steak nachos, nighttime boat rides, semi-fancy dinner parties

YOU SAMPLED a Bold red from

Costa Catterina ‘Olo’ Barolo

The most well-known Nebbiolo region, and for good reasons. Released 4 full years after harvest, 3 of those spent in oak, Barolo is a powerhouse of rich rose and anise aromas and mouth-drying tannins. The paradox is that all of this is contained within a seemingly light wine; coffee, vanilla, red cherry, potpourri, allspice, truffles, tar, liquorice and primordial Earth are all here. Oh, and tons and tons of enjoyable fruit on top of those gripping, addictive tannins. The King Of Italy!



Braised short ribs, pot roast, wagyu carpaccio, anything that involves truffles, all white outfits

YOU SAMPLED an Al Fresco white from

Estola Verdejo

A tropical fruit basket of pineapple, ripe melon and a touch of banana. All these flavors translate to the palate but remain as refreshing as a fruity, dry white tea.



fish, crab, oysters, sushi

YOU SAMPLED a Medium white from

Castillo de Benizar Semi-Dulce

A fresh and fruity wine made from Airén. By halting fermentation of the wine earlier than normal they were able to achieve a semi-sweet wine with good acidity, akin to the still moscato wines of Italy. Aromas of pear and banana greet you in the glass before a white-plum note and crisp Asian pear flavors round out the palate.



Spicy Thai food, poké, apple pie, salty potato chips

YOU SAMPLED an Al fresco red from

Vin de Savoie Gamay Noir

A crisp and fruity red grown on the Alpine slopes of Savoie. Soils consisting of glacial deposits of lime and other minerals keep the strawberry, raspberry and blackberry flavors lean, but still fruit forward. Round and lively, these easy drinking reds from the foothills of the Alps always show great acidity and an outburst of fruit immediately in the glass.



Turkey sandwiches, roast squash, spaghetti and meatballs, strawberry pastries

YOU SAMPLED a Medium red from

Domaine Brazilier “Rochambeau”

A fun and unique wine made from grapes left to mature a touch longer on the vine, concentrating the fruit flavors to pie-filling like richness. However, the wine is then vinified dry - not sweet! - and aged in a combination of stainless steel and oak to maintain all of the mature fruit characteristics. Just enough velvety smooth tannins surround the core of ripe blackcurrant jam, raspberry pastry-filling and a just touch of floral-scented wood.



Baked beans, strong cheeses, Cassoulet, Brie en Croûte