'Tis the Season for 12 Nights of Wine

Countdown to the Holidays

All of the wines in your 12 Nights are shown below. Don't peek until you're ready!

Let the games begin...

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Night 1

Estola Verdejo

Night 2

Sette Aje Frappato

Night 3

B de Brégançon Rosé

Night 4

Vin de Savoie Rouge

Night 5

Domaine Brazilier Rochambeau

Night 6

Castillo de Benizar Semi- Dulce

Night 7

Tenuta I Gelsi Aglianico

Night 8

Baldovino Cabernet

Night 9

Meix Guillaume Rully Blanc

Night 10

Château Hourbanon Médoc 2011

Night 11

Château Hourbanon Médoc 2010

Night 12

Costa Catterina Barolo


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